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Type: A/B-C/D Class
Date: July 16, 2016
Room: Rockaway Billiards
  Player Name Class Points
1st Steve Kaminow B+ 90
2nd Victor Dabu A 80
3rd Jonathan Castillo C+ 70
4th Michael Strassberg C+ 60
5th-6th Kevin Coyle B 50
  Pashk Gjini D+ 100
7th-8th Nicole Monaco C+ 40
  Miguel Laboy A+ 40
9th-12th Tony Ignomirello C+ 30
  Mike Shihinski D 60
  Lidio Ramirez A 30
  Carl Yusuf Khan B+ 30
13th-16th Mikey Hadjipetros C 20
  Martin Carducci C+ 20
  Duane Toney B 20
  Mike Figueroa B 20
17th-24th William Donofrio B 10
  Paul Madonia B 10

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