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Room: BQE Billiards
Type: A/BC/D Class
Date: September 22, 2019
  Player Name Class Points
1st Pascal Dufresne B 180
2nd Luis Jimenez B 160
3rd Robert Calton C+ 140
4th Shweta Zaveri D+ 120
5th-6th Tom Schreiber B 100
  Joshua Joseph C 100
7th-8th Lionel Swanston C 80
  Allison LaFleur C 80
9th-12th Dementhriss Hudson C 60
  Amanda Andries C 60
  Bob Toomey C+ 60
  Michael Fedak D+ 60
13th-16th Shirley Ang C 40
  Brain Schell C 40
  Vinny Mistry D 40
  Mark Joseph C+ 40
17th-24th Mike Strassberg C+ 20
  Mac Jankov C+ 20
  Tom McManamon C 20

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