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Tri-State Invitational 2017

The Invitational is held every year for the top 16 players of each class.
We'd like to congratulate this years players and winners
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Dany Recinos

The Tri-State Tour’s 2017 Grand Champion

The twentieth annual Tri-State Tour Invitational Tournament took place June 24 & 25, 2017, at Steinway Café and Billiards in Astoria, NY. The weekend was another huge success for the tour with 14 A & A+ Players, 30 B & B+ Players, 32 C & C+ Players and 16 D & D+ Players who earned their way in to compete in their respective classes and play for their chance to be named the Tri-State Tour Invitational Grand Champion. read more

Invitational  Grand Champion:

Dany Recinos

A's - B's Playoff Winner
Mike Panzarella
C'S - D'S Playoff Winner
Dany Recinos
A+ - A Class Winner
Mike Panzarella
B+ - B Playoff Winner
Basdeo Sookhai
C+ - C Playoff Winner
Dany Recinos
D+ - D Playoff Winner
Carlos Serrano
B+ - Class Winner
Basdeo Sookhai
B - Class Winner
Kevin Scalzitti
C+ - Class Winner
Dany Recinos
C - Class Winner
Qian Chen

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