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The Rules

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Nine ball is played with nine object balls numbered one through nine and a cue ball. On any shot other than the push out, the cue ball must first contact the lowest numbered ball on the table but the balls need not be pocketed in numerical order. If the shouter pockets any ball on a legal shot, he remains at the table until he either misses, fouls or wins. If he misses, the incoming player accepts all balls in position. After a foul however, the incoming player has cue ball in hand anywhere on the table shooting at the lowest numbered ball left on the table. While certain "standard" fouls are penalized by ball in hand to the opponent, certain "major" fouls are penalized by loss of game. Players are not required to call any shot. The watch ends when either player has won the required number of games.

Detailed rules for nine ball are given below followed by the specific definitions of "General Rules" and technical terms. These rules do not cover specifications or parameters of cues, tables, balls, types of cloth, sanctioning conditions or the distribution of prize funds, nor do they apply to any participant, incident or event which might occur outside the jurisdiction of tournament officials in the performance of their duties. These rules govern, maintain order, and only apply during the actual playing of a tournament and only within the confines of the tournament area while play is in progress.

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